dimanche 7 novembre 2010

What... Is... Up... *loading*... With the World Today ?

Je sais que c'est le contrecoup du monde instantané auquel a été habitué ma génération... mais seigneur, je réclame ce qui m'est dû ! Tout est lent aujourd'hui - notre machine à café fonctionne au ralenti, le journal est en retard, ma douche n'avait aucune pression d'eau, mon fer plat ne chauffe pas et Internet bat des records de temps de téléchargement. Reculer l'heure a bouleversé mon univers immédiat.

Pardon my French.

Stuff you've heard a zillion times but just in case you haven't :

Ecotools Brushes. Get them. They're great quality, easy to find, affordable, and the only thing I find weird about them is how my powder brush always seems to build a ton of static, it makes my bangs crazy.

Drugstore brands : I have recently released that almost every review of a drugstore product I have ever written starts with "well, this was on sale so I gave it a shot". Words of wisdom, my dear very broke make-up addicted friends ! I love trying new products, I love make-up, but I can't afford to indulge at Sephora's so I buy drugstore things to make myself feel better. It works. Check out the flyers you get once in a while, or the clearance bins ! If you picky like I am, you'll hate every other product you get, but that can happen at Mac or Sephora as well, and it's more heartbreaking.

Awesome people on youtube. I've talked about two so far, might keep doing that.

Your glasses : wash them !! I'm just about to leave for work, and most of the glasses I have to repair are disgusting. I mean, come on, you do brush your teeth before going to the dentist, run your glasses under hot water to get rid of all the crusted dirt before bringing them to me !

Lastly, read books. Good books. It's good for you.

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