mercredi 17 novembre 2010

Méthodes quantitatives I

Hey there !

What us unknown bloggers like to do is compulsively look at our blog's stats - for those of you who are not familiar with blogspot, when you create a blog, you can view your number of hits, hits per day, single hits, sources of traffic, messages viewed and fun stuff like that.

Now, I believe that the first thing a blogger has to realize is that, in all likelyness, they'll be talking to themselves - unless they already, for one reason or another, have an online audience. I had come to peace with that fact - I think blogging is entertaining, and there is no other situation in my life for me to chat about make-up and beauty things.

Et là, blogspot intervient et vient mêler les cartes : I sign in today, check out that good ol' stats page, and I have views. Not a lot, but a few of them. What is the most likely is that people googled-pic. something, and my page came up - but still, the harm is done : I now feel like someone might be reading this. So, just so I can get over that phase, comment below if you're not a voice in my head - write, like, the story of your favorite pair of socks, or something. Or how much my French pisses you off :)

Seriously, if anyone is reading this (or even, heaven forbid, enjoying it!), I'd love to get to know you - or know that you exist too.

Otherwise, I don't mind talking to myself. I'm good company.

Cheerio !

PS - I've had a sample-size of Bad Galmascara sitting in my drawer forever, never used it because I find the wand incredibly big, but I used it yesterday and this morning, and it turns out it's a pretty good product. I blame the Falsies for making me like higher brands again, darn it.

dimanche 14 novembre 2010

About that Viral Mascara...

I don't think I have ever seen a make-up product as advertised as the Falsies Mascara has been promoted lately. In a way, it worked - it did pick it up last week.

I was in a hurry (lunch break), so I grabbed the first blue and purple package I saw. I noticed, once I got back to work, that it was the brownish black version, in waterproof. I hate waterproof mascaras, they tend to be rubbish, but it was too late - I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. Also, I prefer black mascara, but frankly, between brown and black, there is virtually no difference.

I expected a wand very similar to the Colossal mascara - first disappointment there. The Falsies' wand is curved, thinner and soft. I usually prefer rigid wands, but no biggie. It is easy to use and I didn't find I had to struggle to make it work.

Now, the formula - its main flaw is something I find very common when it comes to waterproof mascaras - it never really feels dry. The lashes "transfer" to the skin, and you quickly end up with semi-racoon eyes. That being said, when I wore it in the shower, it didn't seem to run, but it did flake. I took a nap with it - transfered some more around my eye area.

If the Falsies do a decent job separating the lashes and making them look thicker on the first coat, I am still very disappointed with the final result. It does not build up well. It didn't do a very good job enhancing my lashes (and  my lashes don't need that much help it begin with !), and I found that the final result looked like an awkward mess between badly applied mascara and cheap false lashes. The lashes look sticky, they do stick together, the mascara transfers around the eye, and the lashes look dull after a few hours. Also, after wearing it too long, it runs under the eye area and its waterproofness makes it hard to remove.

Bitter disappointment. Maybelline could have put couple million dollars they spend on marketing to much better use - say, developping a decent product.

dimanche 7 novembre 2010

What... Is... Up... *loading*... With the World Today ?

Je sais que c'est le contrecoup du monde instantané auquel a été habitué ma génération... mais seigneur, je réclame ce qui m'est dû ! Tout est lent aujourd'hui - notre machine à café fonctionne au ralenti, le journal est en retard, ma douche n'avait aucune pression d'eau, mon fer plat ne chauffe pas et Internet bat des records de temps de téléchargement. Reculer l'heure a bouleversé mon univers immédiat.

Pardon my French.

Stuff you've heard a zillion times but just in case you haven't :

Ecotools Brushes. Get them. They're great quality, easy to find, affordable, and the only thing I find weird about them is how my powder brush always seems to build a ton of static, it makes my bangs crazy.

Drugstore brands : I have recently released that almost every review of a drugstore product I have ever written starts with "well, this was on sale so I gave it a shot". Words of wisdom, my dear very broke make-up addicted friends ! I love trying new products, I love make-up, but I can't afford to indulge at Sephora's so I buy drugstore things to make myself feel better. It works. Check out the flyers you get once in a while, or the clearance bins ! If you picky like I am, you'll hate every other product you get, but that can happen at Mac or Sephora as well, and it's more heartbreaking.

Awesome people on youtube. I've talked about two so far, might keep doing that.

Your glasses : wash them !! I'm just about to leave for work, and most of the glasses I have to repair are disgusting. I mean, come on, you do brush your teeth before going to the dentist, run your glasses under hot water to get rid of all the crusted dirt before bringing them to me !

Lastly, read books. Good books. It's good for you.

vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Tackily Hip

I haven't uploaded a post in about a week, I know, but I'm a student - you've all been there, right ? Busy times !

I've been up since 4:30 am so I'm a little exhausted (pour le moins dire... gotta love working in a coffee house !) but I figured I'd upload a little something.

This is Vintageortacky, one of my favorite make-up artists on youtube. She's pretty, she's bubbly, she's very talented and her tutorials feature looks that are both intense and wearable. I adore how she uses colors, they are always very intense - and, I can't stress this enough, often wearable ! Check her channel out here !

Her channel features useful information videos, midly to very dramatic looks, plus size fashion, the secret to happiness and the meaning of life. Click the link HERE !

  Bonne nuit !! :)